Geranium Essential Oil has a comforting and uplifting floral aroma, similar to smelling roses. Aromatherapists (including myself) consider the homely aroma very uplifting and nurturing. It’s renowned as a “happy” oil, but more popular with the ladies rather than the gents, probably because of its intensely, beautiful floral aroma.

In my private practice as an Aromatherapist, I would suggest this oil to clients who needed some balance. I believe it’s a wonderful oil to inhale & diffuse to help balance emotions.
Used correctly in skincare, combined with a base product or carrier oil it is deeply nourishing for dry, mature or cracked skin. Hence why it’s the key ingredient in my hand cream.

Great to blend with lavender and bergamot in the diffuser.

Latin Name
Pelargonium graveolens




Extraction Process
Steam distilled from the leaves and flowers

Perfume Note
Middle Note
Safe Usage: 
Do not use in pregnancy, on children or pets, without professional advice.
Do not ingest or use undiluted on the skin.
Avoid contact with sensitive areas, such as eyes.


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