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May Chang Essential Oil (also known as Litsea) has a sweet citrus lemony aroma with both floral and fruity undertones. The oil is extracted from a small tree in Asia that has spicy fruits and fragrant leaves and flowers. It has a similar scent to lemongrass.
Many aromatherapists (like myself) consider this oil “the oil of tranquillity’.

We may suggest that clients with high-stress levels, nervous tension and low mood diffuse this oil at home to help encourage relaxation and lift mood.

Great to blend with other citrus oils in the diffuser. I recommend blending it with ylang-ylang for a truly beautiful, calming and unique aromatic experience.

Latin Name
Litsea cubeba



Fresh, lemony.

Extraction Process
Steam distilled from the leaves and flowers
Perfume Note
Top/ Middle Note
Safe Usage: 
Do not use in pregnancy, on children or pets, without professional advice.
Do not ingest or use undiluted on the skin.
Avoid contact with sensitive areas, such as eyes.

2 reviews for May Chang

  1. Beth (verified owner)

    This was my first time trying May Chang. I added a few drops to my diffuser, and the aroma filled the room. I found it to have a very relaxing and calming effect, I will definitely buy this oil again from Holly.

  2. Alison Dennehy (verified owner)

    Since purchasing some a couple of weeks ago, Holly’s may chang has quickly become my favourite essential oil. It has such a beautiful lemony scent that instantly calms me down when I’m feeling overwhelmed. When I add it to my diffuser with some bergamot (also from Holly) my house turns into a relaxing citrus-y heaven! I will definitely buy more in the future.

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