Welcome! I’m Holly Turner BSc; MIFPA.
I’m a real Clinical Aromatherapist. Here, you can find Aromatherapy oils, diffusers and lovingly handmade products to help you relax and feel better.


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Holly Turner BSC; MIFPA

Welcome to my new website. I’m a professional & fully insured Complementary Therapist, trained to the highest possible standard in the UK. I have my own private treatment space, Wellbeing Studio, in Magor Square. My lockdown project, aromatherapybyholly.co.uk has kept me busy and feeling inspired, helping others using my diploma in clinical aromatherapy  whilst I am missing treating my clients in my private practice. I am keen to help others counteract modern-day stressors, relax, sleep better and better manage their health conditions alongside the GP’s care. Mother nature, essential oils and relaxation techniques can really help us. If you have a health condition or are pregnant and need help starting your aromatherapy journey, safely, feel free to contact me. 

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