About Holly

Holly Turner BSc; MIFPA

Stressed, Blessed and Essential Oil Obsessed

Instagram: @hollyturner93

Hi! I’m Holly,  a Complementary Therapist & Clinical Aromatherapist from South Wales, passionate about helping people counteract modern-day stressors, better manage health conditions and finding peace in what can be a busy and frantic world.

My interest in Complementary Healthcare began after I had my first, stress-related seizure in Newport Sainsbury’s several years ago and I received complementary therapies (aromatherapy, reiki, reflexology and massage) alongside my GP’s care as part of my recovery.

Essentially (pardon the pun) I know how it feels to be ridiculously stressed out, depressed and anxious. I just want to help others who also find it hard to relax, keep calm and switch off, find some comfort through using aromatherapy and relaxation techniques. It’s so easy to incorporate into everyday life and it doesn’t have to be expensive either.

That seizure was the best thing that has ever happened to me because now I have found my passion, I am fascinated by the effects of chronic stress on our mental and physical health. I attended Cardiff Metropolitan University to study the BSc in Complementary Healthcare. Fast forward four years,  I’ve graduated with a First Class Honours, won the Susan Clease Memorial Prize for Best Clinical Practice and have run my own therapy business called the Wellbeing Studio in my local village square. I have been using essential oils as part of my professional practice for years now, I have seen first hand how they can help to encourage relaxation and change a clients mood.

I am also keen on promoting better health and wellbeing to the wider community. Over two years ago, I started a Women’s Wellbeing group in Redwick village hall and I absolutely love running the sessions with a group of fabulous women all ready to learn ways in which we can be happier and healthier. I encourage all the ladies who attend my group to start using aromatherapy and essential oils at home. I have taught workshops on how to use essential oils safely at home, make pillow mists, rollerballs and how to use them with meditation.

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