Chill Vibes Sniff Stick

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Personal sniff sticks are natural inhalers containing essential oils. They make it easy to incorporate aromatherapy into everyday life to enhance wellbeing.

Chill Vibes contains a comforting and calming blend of lavender and ylang ylang.

100% natural, nothing artificial.


Made in Magor square, with love.


  • Open sniff stick and place beneath a nostril, close your eyes.
  • Take a nice, deep breath in..
  • Take a slow, deep breath out..
  • Repeat x 3
  • Replace lid tightly to prolong the life of the Sniff Stick. They should last approx. three months, dependant on usage.
  • Not for children under 6 years
  • Not to be used as an alternative to medical advice
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2 reviews for Chill Vibes Sniff Stick

  1. Kelly Crimmins

    This stick is absolutely incredible! I suffer with anxiety and, due to the lockdown it has been getting worse. After a little consultation with Holly, she recommended this sniff stick and not only does it smell amazing, it has a wonderful calming effect. Highly recommend for those with anxiety or high stress levels.

  2. Laura James

    This thing is magic! I was lucky enough to receive one as a present from my best friend and we’ll definitely be buying more in the future. I expected it to smell lovely (which it does) but I wasn’t expecting the little burst of calm that comes with it. With the world as crazy as it is at the moment, I think we could all do with a little more chill!

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