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New for 2021! 
A 45-minute self-care session from the comfort of your own home to release worries and let go of stress-related tension. As a professional complementary therapist, I will guide you through some basic stretches, massage techniques, and simple meditation.

Check out my reviews to see how my zoom sessions are helping others.

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Once purchased, I will send you an e-mail containing the registration link and all you need to know before the session.

Monies refundable 24hrs prior to the event.
If you are unable to make it last-minute, there will be no refund but you can join the session the following week.

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If you’re feeling fed up, sad, anxious and had a titful of COVID, then come and join us for a 45 minute(ish) guided meditation and self care session, from the comfort of your own home and in your PJ’s.

The plan is to release any stress-related tension, worries or overthinking for a short while. I will guide you through some basic stretches, massage techniques, and meditation.

I would encourage you to create a really lovely self-care space in your home allowing you to be fully present. Your bedroom is ideal. Turn off the bright lights, light a candle, diffuse your relaxing essential oils, gather any crystals you have around your mat or bed and let’s get ready to chill.

I HATE zoom meetings when you can see one another and everyone talks over each other. So, I will be muting everyone’s microphone and disabling everyone’s camera. You can see me, that’s it.

All you need is a device (tablet, phone or laptop) for zoom, a yoga mat or your bed, massage oil, lotion or moisturiser, blanket and pillows. Find a space in your home where you won’t be disturbed for a short while. This time is for YOU, you’re worth it.

15 reviews for Self Care Session

  1. Gemma

    Thank you so much Holly, for a wonderful self care session tonight. Feeling so much more relaxed in my body and mind. A wonderful way to end the day, thank you!

  2. Lily

    I found this session so relaxing and just what I needed after a tough few weeks. Holly was so calming and I learnt some techniques to help me in the future too. Definitely something I would love to join again. I honestly don’t think I’ve felt this de-stressed in a really long time. Thank you Holly

  3. Caroline

    Feeling so much more relaxed after the session. Will be trying the message during the day to keep my shoulders relaxed. Thank you Holly

  4. Mel Stirling

    Thank you Holly and well done on giving us such a brilliantly guided meditation and stretching exercises. It felt so good to be in touch with myself again after so long. You have left me feeling relaxed and motivated to continue my wellbeing journey during these difficult times. Looking forward to the next one already. xx

  5. Rhiannon

    Just what I needed, I’ve been so anxious and stressed but feel completely relaxed now. The shoulder massage was amazing, will definitely be practicing this more often! Thank you so much x

  6. Charlotte

    Holly’s Self Care Zoom session was fantastic, really comforting, relaxing and helpful. Perfect way to unwind after stressful week – couldn’t recommend it enough! X

  7. Helen P

    Excellent session, thank you so much . I was amazed how chilled and relaxed I felt, following a heavy day at work – after just 30 minutes !

  8. Lois

    Loved this session, found it so relaxing and I felt like I had escaped the house and gone to do a really worthwhile self care session which made me feel relaxed and so much less stressed even though I never left my living room! Thanks Holly.

  9. Lois Foxall

    So relaxing! So lovely to have that peaceful part of the day in such a hectic time! And learnt some great massage techniques to do at home until I are able to get a proper one!

  10. Naomi

    After a skinful of awful night shifts it was such a relief to chill out will Holly. Having that moment of calm was just what I needed and my neck and shoulders feel exponentially better already! Looking forward to the next one I can join and getting some massage oil.

  11. Emily Thomas (verified owner)

    These sessions are perfect for unwinding, relaxing and finding balance. I always feel so much better and calmer – and I’ve not left the house! I loved the self massage techniques which I can use in between sessions to help ease any tension. As always, thank you Holly.

  12. Erica

    This was a fantastic gift to myself. Holly is a phenomenal teacher – demonstrating how stretching and breathing and focus all go hand in hand for a truly relaxing experience. I think we all need some self-care right now and this session was just the right amount of time – proving that in 30 minutes you really can feel a lot more relaxed and grounded. This session surpassed all my expectations and I can’t wait to join the next one.

  13. Lois

    Being able to learn & build on techniques of relaxation in such a stressful time has been so incredibly helpful. Holly is so calming & a master of her trade! Having an affirmation to say to myself in times of stress has become really calming (you should make stickers!). I can not recommend these sessions enough!

  14. Roseanna (verified owner)

    I LOVED Holly’s self care session! She has such a calming presence and her techniques are the perfect way to relax and completely chill – just absolutely amazing and just what I needed! Thank you so much!

  15. Alison Dennehy (verified owner)

    Holly’s self care sessions are the highlight of my week! They are my chance for some dedicated time to relax. Holly gently guides us through some well needed stretches and demonstrates self massage techniques which always hit the right spot. The guided meditation, led by Holly with her calming voice, ensures the session ends with me feeling so calm, balanced and much more self aware. I can highly recommend these sessions.

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